Ropeswana (Pty) Ltd is a BQA accredited training institution. The company is the first and only Botswana resident company to offer fall arrest, rope access and rope rescue training programmes.

Our training programmes can be tailored to the work environment and safety requirements of our clients.

Training courses:

Rope access training

The training programme covers:
  • Rigging ropes for work and rescue situations using relevant knots
  • Performing rope manoeuvres
  • Performing rescues
  • Maintaining and inspecting rope access equipment
  • Knowledge of worksite organisation
Course duration: 6 days

Safe Work at Height and Fall Arrest

The training programme covers:
  • General information about fall accidents
  • Fall prevention, fall restraint and work positioning
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Anchor points
  • Safely using fall arrest systems with a double lanyard with an energy absorber
  • Safely using life-lines
  • Tying and using basic rope knots
  • Inspecting, assembling, fitting and storing fall arrest equipment
  • Basic knowledge of suspension trauma
  • Performing basic fall arrest rescues
  • Basic knowledge of relevant Botswana and international regulations
Course duration: 2 days